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The company Sbavatura Bassanese S.R.L was founded in 1975 at S. Zeno di Cassola (VI) by the brothers Luigi and Erminio Baggio who, after having acquired high skill and a professional preparation, decided to set up an activity of their own, which is now a leader in this sector.

Specialising in the sandblasting and deburring of any cast-iron casting, Sbavatura Bassanese immediately made a name for itself on the market for the high quality of its processing on castings with small, medium and large dimensions. Though always attentive to technological innovation, Sbavatura Bassanese still maintains the typical characteristics of a craft industry where imagination and manual skill are perfectly integrated with the adoption of high-precision state-of-the-art machinery. This may be seen in the sandblasting department, which makes use of a conveyor type sandblasting machine and a cluster type sandblasting machine of the latest generation, not to mention other numerically controlled machinery and a robotic island used for processing and housed in an operating structure that occupies a surface area of 1500 square metres.

The great experience of the original founders, now handed down to their children Anastasia Baggio and Devis Baggio and acquired over the years by the whole productive and administrative staff, as well as the machinery and equipment used, make Sbavatura Bassanese a leading company in this delicate and important engineering sector, able to ensure its customers of a high-quality product, but above all excellent customer service. Particularly appreciated is the company’s speed in carrying out orders, without sacrificing standards of perfection and precision. All this is proved by the consolidated relationship that the company has enjoyed over the years with foundries of the top international level, which still today acknowledge the praiseworthy merits of Sbavatura Bassanese.

Having developed and grown over the years, Sbavatura Bassanese proposes its services to potential customers, confident that it offers a fine product which will enable it, in the future, to achieve other ambitious results.


Warehouse of more than 700 square metres, completely closed and soundproofed, able to contain vehicles and shelter them from atmospheric events. Inside there is ample space for storing castings.

Outside there is a large parking area for cars and heavy vehicles. 

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SBAVATURA BASSANESE SRL Via Croceron, 59 - 36022 San Zeno di Cassola (VI) Italy Tel. +39 0424.570555 - Fax +39 0424.570674
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